Clara Iversen


How could children be given self-confidence through their break meal? The design project emerged from a free character design exploration and personal experiences as a child.



Packaging Design


UX Concept

Design Concept
Fruit Friends/Fruchtfreunde aims to do more than quench kids' thirst and meet their nutritional needs. It's designed to empower kids and build their self-confidence. While adults might view childhood as carefree, kids often face pressures to achieve perfection. They might struggle with academics, social interactions, or even physical development. It's easy for adults to forget the anxieties and insecurities children navigate.

That's where the Fruit Friends/Fruchtfreunde comes in. Each character, like Anton Apfel who is still learning to read, has a relatable story that shows kids they're not alone. The cheerful packaging and positive messages aim to encourage and reassure them that things will work out in the end.

Platform UX Concept 
A child-friendly platform offers children the opportunity to get advice and help from their favorite characters.