Clara Iversen

Illustration Archive

I appreciate your understanding that some of my client projects are password-protected. To request access, please contact me.

Ever since I could hold a crayon, I have been telling stories with images. In recent years, I've done more thinking and conceptualizing than illustrating. Nevertheless, illustration will always be a part of me. If you take a closer look, you will recognize my style. But admittedly, I also try out a lot.

The pictograph archive has also crept in here. (I know that illustrations and pictograms are not the same thing. ) A few years ago, individual pictogram families were still a thing.


Womxn, 2020, Vector Graphic

Arbeitsklima, 2020, Crayon + Vector Graphic

Remote Work, 2019, Vector Graphic

Berlin Institute of Health, Congress, 2018, Vector Graphic

Berlin Institute of Health, Fence, 2018, Vector Graphic

Fruchtfreunde, 2017, Vector Graphic
The Shop, 2017, Black and White
HIRTIN, 2016, Watercolor collage

Deichgold, 2016, Vector Graphic
Schafkopf, 2016, Vector Graphic


Berlin Institute of Health, 2018

Universität Siegen, 2018

das zwei, 2017
My Minie MixieQs (Mattel), 2016

Skirting the Rules, 2016