Clara Iversen


Design Project


Role Designer

As the final result of conducting research on sheep, I developed several product ideas centred around the theme of sheep. The result is four prototypes visualising the ideas haptically.


Packaging Design

Product Design


Schafkopf 2.0, Card Game 
Reinterpretation of the bavarian card game: Schafkopf 2.0 offers a novel interpretation of the traditional Bavarian card game, Schafkopf. This new edition replaces the classic human figures with sheep characters inspired by diverse breeds from around the world. The game offers a familiar experience with a fresh visual aesthetic.

︎ Schafkopf 2.0 Illustration

︎ Behance

HIRTIN, Cosmetics
Harnessing the natural qualities of sheep milk for a sustainable beauty experience: The brand HIRTIN offers a line of cosmetic products formulated with sheep milk sourced from northern Germany. Transparency is a core value, aiming for consumers to understand product ingredients and their role in skincare. The brand emphasizes nourishing and protecting the skin, avoiding any harmful substances.

︎ HIRTIN Illustration

︎ Behance

Deichgold, Fertilizer Brand:
Highlighting the role sheep play in regenerative agriculture: Deichgold repositions sheep dung as a valuable organic fertilizer, showcasing its benefits for plant growth and soil health.

Three product lines for different plant and user needs: 
  • The fertilizer spreader for easy application
  • The fertilizer cube for precise dosing
  • The classic fertilizer package for long-term use

︎ Deichgold Illustration

︎ Behance

Konfetti Konfetti, 
Colorful Knitting Needles
These boldly colored tools draw inspiration from playful sheep herd markings, igniting a fresh and exciting way to experience the craft of knitting.

Coached by
Christina Hackenschuh