Clara Iversen

Von Innen nach Aussen

Research & Design Project


Role Design Researcher & Designer

How could society become more empathic towards personal coming out processes of young homosexual women? The design research project deals with the process of coming-out of young homosexual women.


Service & Product Design

Secondary Research

Benchmark Analysis

Stakeholder Management

Project Management 

Project Approach 

Through interviews with fourteen LGBTQIA+ individuals, I developed an interactive story experience that allows everyone to empathize with the emotional journey of coming out. The concept aims to challenge biases and foster understanding within communities.

The research identified three distinct stages in the coming-out journey: Self-awareness, experience, and social revelation. Capturing these phases, I created an emotional magazine divided into three chapters. Each chapter focuses on a specific stage, using typography, photography, text, and quotes to create an empathy space.

I conducted semi-structured interviews with 14 women aged 17-25, recruited through a local Facebook group.

The Magazine

Coached by
Professor Christoph Barth
Bettina Brendel