Clara Iversen
︎︎︎Master Project

Ethnographic Research — Trend Research — Analysis — Conception — Strategy — Scenario — Speculation — Editorial — Illustration
How does the climate scene influence future working cultures?

The global climate movement Fridays for Future is supported by young, distinctly female and mostly well-educated participants. Due to their socio-demographic characteristics, these climate activists simultaneously represent the talents of the future and are considered a decisive factor for future work. The project focuses on climate youth as a driver for a change in climatesocial values in the working world.

This change in values is illustrated by a comprehensive examination of the climate scene, through field research, interviews and netnography. Away from established forms of work, the climate activists have developed their own cooperation strategies that are characterised by values such as responsibility, empathy, transparency and solidarity. In order to win over the climate youth, employers have to deal with the values and working practices of the climate youth.

The result is a trend report that speculates and reflects on a climatesocial perspective on work and provides employers with strategic recommendations for action, as well as a framework for climatesocial transformation.
The aim of the project is to stimulate the discourse on a climatesocial working environment and to integrate it into debates on the future of work. The discussion of the research results provides initial perspectives and forms the basis for an in-depth examination in order to mutually design a sustainable working world.

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