Clara Iversen

das zwei
»the two«

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Research Project

Role Designer, Design Researcher

Growing awareness of climate change led me to reflect on my own consumption habits, particularly my love of fashion. As a young adult, I was obsessed with looking good and following the latest trends. However, I realized that the fashion industry is a major polluter, second only to oil. I wanted to find a way to continue enjoying fashion as a hobby without contributing to the problem. So, I set out on a journey to discover sustainable alternatives to fast fashion. For six months, I explored the complex relationship between happiness and consumption in the clothing industry – from the production of fast fashion to fashion as identity.

Design research question:
How could fashion be consumed in an ecologically and socially responsible way?


Primary Research 

Secondary Research 


Business Design

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Editorial Design
, Illustration , Pictogram Design

Research Approach 

To capture the current zeitgeist, I interviewed fashion industry professionals and everyday consumers (my friends), gaining intimate insights into the motivations and emotions shaping today's wardrobe choices. These valuable perspectives directly informed the development of my design concept. 
In a second step, I validated concept ideas with my experts.

To gain diverse perspectives, I conducted 41 semi-structured interviews (in person, by phone or via e-mail).

The Idea
A hybrid retail and information concept for sustainable fashion: das zwei aims to encourage consumers to adopt a more sustainable fashion approach. It utilizes a two-pronged strategy:

das zwei provides a platform for purchasing secondhand clothing, allowing individuals to express their personal style while contributing to a circular economy.

das zwei offers educational resources through workshops and talks, raising awareness about the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry.

The concept specifically targets small towns where access to secondhand fashion is limited. It aims to address this gap by providing a curated selection of pre-loved clothing and promoting sustainable fashion alternatives.

Additionally, das zwei operates with an open-source philosophy. Through an online platform, individuals can participate in the movement by:

Founding their own das zwei location: This initiative encourages the expansion of the concept and allows local communities to be directly involved.

Connecting with other founders: The platform facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration between participants, fostering a sense of community.

Accessing information: Updates on current »das zwei« locations and events are readily available.

das zwei in a nutshell

das zwei Platform, UI-Prototype

das zwei Platform, UX-Prototype

das zwei Magazine

das zwei Coporate System

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Coached by
Professor Gertrud Nolte
Christina Hackenschuh