Clara Iversen
Das Zwei

Ethnographic Research — Conception — Strategy — UX/UI — Branding — Editorial — Illustration

How could fashion be consumed in environmentally sustainable way?

Temporary Information Area regarding Fashion Consumption

Temporary Sales Area
for Secondhand Clothing

Open Source Community Platform

Temporary StoreConcept

Over a six-month period, I studied the relations between happiness and consumption in the clothing industry. I focused on the positive and negative types of clothing usage from the fast fashion industry to fashion as a means of establishing identity. To gain insight into the current zeitgeist I interviewed both people working in the fashion industry and fashion consumers. The interviews formed the basis for the temporary store concept «das zwei».
The store conept aims to actively encourage the consumer to gain a sustainable fashion approach. It is a selling and information concept. The selling part offers the consumer the opportunity to express the fashionable and follow current trends, while the information part clarifies the current situation of the fashion industry via workshops and talks. In small towns, in particular, secondhand fashion supply is very low; a problem which «das zwei» sets out to solve. 
The store conept includes an open source philosophy. The «das zwei» platform serves as a possibility for becoming a founder, exchange with other founders as well as information about current «das zwei» locations. The goal is to create a permanent improvement of the concept. Everyone can open a «das zwei» location. It functions through the power of community.