Clara Iversen

One Slice of Pizza 
Design Philosophy

1. The Concept
A pizza base is like a precise conclusion. If the base is soft, big, fluffy or has no taste of its own there can be no symbiosis with the other 

2. The Consistency
An Italian great grandmother’s recipe for tomato sauce is as delicious today as it was a eighty years ago. Great culinary flavours are not extinguished by current trends or contemporary fashion. Great design sustains itself timelessly.

3. The Timing
The mozzarella layered over the delicious tomato sauce on its crispy baked base melts slowly. Great Design is achieved by a designer, who is well aware of the timeframe and knows exactly when the creation is finished. Too long in the oven and the cheese bakes hard and great it aint.
4. The Simplicity
Too many ingredients take away from the taste of the pizza slice. Asparagus, chicken and sauce hollandaise are like graphics with too many fonts, too many lines and thousands of different colours, all vying for your attention. Great design reduces to the essentials.
5. The Pizzazz
Sometimes it is just one thought, that lifts design up to its greatness. That one thought, that makes one smile involuntarily. Like the basil leaf, which fits in and stands out. Great Design is the special twist, that gives the concept that pizzazz.
6. The Individuality
We live in a world of many different cultures, tastes and approaches. Nevertheless people and brands become increasingly more global. Great Design is like salt, pepper, oregano or chili oil. The spice offers the slice up to the globe. Who doesn’t like pizza?